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Welcome to Hailforge

We are a group of experienced digital techies at a Ghent based digital agency, passionately curating projects for maximal impact.
We don’t stick to words — we just do!


The wonderful world of the digital has taken possession of our entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which we all enjoy with whole our heart.


The time of monolithic applications is over. The number of channels or devices you can reach is increasingly vast. To fit in this evergrowing richness of consumer applications and decreasing 'time to market' the right knowledge and expertise we provide is key.


Using our long experience creating cutting edge software backing these multitudes devices we are able to provide the right processes or APIs for your platform. Sturdy yet flexible, secure yet open, rich yet pragmatic... .


The right tool for the right job. There is a huge difference between the rich diversity of applications and devices. Each has it's own features and weak points. We know the differences and can make things work.


Building distributed and solid software requires a deep knowledge on a fitting architecture where simplicity is key.


If you are serious about mobile or IoT you must be serious about a fitting API. The dynamic data driven aspect is essential to provide a returning userbase. We can help on every aspect of integration. Front-end or Back-end.


It's one thing to build software or an API, it's another to build a secure one. Often forgotten but so essential. Having hands-on knowledge of protocols as OAuth2, Federation, Certificates, OTP, ... , we have the right knowledge to get started quickly.


Projects and companies where we and/or our team members have successfully worked on.

  • I would recommend Hailforge to anyone, but not anytime soon because I still have some important tasks in the pipeline for them :-).
    Dirk Claus
    Director E-business at M-team
  • Always looking one step ahead, always on the look-out for new technological evolutions, eager to suggest new things.
    Johan Coppieters
    Lecturer & Research at Howest Brugge
  • Always pragmatic, focused on the results and the added value for the customer combined with a keen sense of what is the right thing to do!
    Jérôme Schepers
    Project manager at M-team


We have some open positions! Looking for a new challenge? Don't hesitate and contact us directly at jobs@hailforge.com to schedule a first qualitative interview.
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A analyst/product owner to join our team

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A Business Developer

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About Hailforge

A group of experienced digital techies at a Ghent based digital agency, passionately curating projects for maximal impact.

Phone1: +32 473 45 10 02
Phone2: +32 468 14 69 44

E-mail: info@hailforge.com

Address: Coupure Rechts 64c, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium

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